2116 The way ahead

A lot has happened since 2113, like:
  1. Coming of Modi
  2. Indian economy has rebound and the people are optimistic and confident
  3. Flipcart and widespread of affordable smart phones, Internet esp.over mobile
  4. Facebook, Twitter,Social Networking and Whatsapp
  5. Cloud computing, and now Docker, a lean virtual engine making Cloud technology affordable for smaller data-centers.
  6. Wi-Fi? based mesh networks, and wifi hotspots allowing widespread usage of affordable smart phone apps, clouds and an explosion of usage of IT. The decline (fading out) of the desktop and metamorphosis of data centers
  7. Startups catch the fancy of our young people and India has built up the capacity of making apps, cloud computing etc.
  8. Modi's clarion call for
  • Swach
  • Smart cities
  • Smart villages
  • Make in India
  • Make for India
  • Digital India
  • India's population and the youngest country which will remain so for the next 20-4-0 years, and a powerhouse of human resources
  • MOOCs have taken hold, as also affordable
  • Adhaar
  • EGov has taken root
  • Just in time learning

A lot of the above has enabled India to change its approach, and confidently move ahead. Besides the PM's aggressive and energetic foreign policy taking.

  • India is confident and sees itself as a potential growing economy (the third after US and China?)which can bail out the global economy in the decades to come.
  • The rate of change,inventions is explosive. Besides Alvin Toffler's 2006 book,on Revolutionary Wealth, and Jermey Rifkin's books, see this Amazon link for his relevant books:

http://www.amazon.in/Jeremy-Rifkin/e/B000APENQ2(external link)

Additionally also see

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