Background of Vipen Mahajan

Social entrepreneur with a focus on IT enabled management consulting, mentoring. Over four decades of experience, in USA, India and Europe, in various jobs, roles and businesses.
'UDoIT' conceived and developed a framework for suited for SME and small organizations, for Enterprise wide Management Consulting, re-engineering and IT applications implementing.
Transformation Framework _A Cloud Based, integrated , for effective, coordinated, chain of processes, for effecting a Change or Transformation. needed to advance into the 21st Century.
21st Century Hi-tech villages based around Mahatma Gandhi's sustainable Village Republics, economic and political thoughts, replacing the Charkha with the PC, and advances in technology, esp IT. Esp for the 4 Billion people living in poverty in he Third World. To leapfrog them into the Third Wave, 21st century.

Tags: Sustainable living, Third Wave, Transformation, Change management,
Information Technology, Alvin Toffler, Jeremey Rifkin, Peter Drucker, UdoIT,
Mahatma Gandhi, India

Areas of expertise/experience in:
• Information Technology,Management Consulting , Business Re-engineering , Change Management
• Software Process Engineering, SEI CMM
• Health care Informatics and Health care process improvement
• UdoIT, a process framework for IT enabled transformation, covering
Management and Strategic Consulting, Re-engineering, an IT enabled automation
• Team Building, Mentoring, Himachal Pradesh Admin Staff Center, Shimla, IT courses in late 1980s. At Management and IT Institutes.

• BPM - Business Process management
• Production Planning and Operations Management
• Project and Program Management
• Open Source
• Enterprise Resource Management -ERP
• Customer Relation Management - CRM
• Supply Chain Management
• Cloud and Virtual Computing
• Software as a service - SaaS
• Multimedia,photography, Audio/Video recording and editing

Businesses/Industries where I worked/consulted
• Heavy fabrication and manufacturing
• Light engineering, air-conditioners, forklift trucks
• Scooter and two wheelers
• Consulting – IT, Management, Operations
• IT and Computer training/education/Consulting
• Conceive, design, develop, staff and manage software factories
• Virtual Internet based organization
• Electronic Health Record and Health Informatics
• Alternate and sustainable technologies
• Hydroponics and aquaponics

Jobs/Roles performed:
• Systems Analyst, Systems/IT Engineer,
• Team Lead
• Project/Program Manager
• CIO and General Manager
• Entrepreneur
• Social Entrepreneur and Civil Activist

Organizations firms I have worked/consulted in or for:
• American Express,Leo Systems. Trans-Tech?
• Larsen and Toubro, Tata Group,Bajaj Auto,NIIT,Thapar Group
• Birla Group,ICI , Kelvinator , Hero Group,UN

My education:
• Schooling: Lawrence School Sanawar
• Mechanical Engineering: Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh
• Systems Management: Bombay University

What I am passionate about?

• 21st century and Revolutionary Wealth, aka Alvin Toffler
• IT , Change and organization transformation
• India, our people, our culture, our potential
• Our opportunities
• India as a global health care and tele-medicine resource and delivery base
• India as a global IT and BPO back-office
• Mentoring and helping young people and entrepreneurs

Pl. also see A Journey Home a personal note on what I do and why.

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