Governance for India

It is often said that India continues to grow, despite the government. If we achieved 9% plus growth, imagine what would have be the impact of good governance.Half the world's poor live in India, even after 60 plus years of Independence. The spate of MASSIVE huge scams, paralysis in governance, and down-rating of the Indian economy, we have no choice but to improve governance. Despite our PM, Dr Manmohan Singh ji, saying that he has no magic wand to remove corruption, we can work on improving our governance, empowering them and living with dignity and security. This section looks at a holistic approach, and plan of action.

Various initiatives have been taken by the government

Tools and techniques

Delivery of Services

Integrated District Level Process Improvement

Organizing for Process Improvement

E Government

Re-engineering the Govt a colonial, agriculture driven economy, the governance structure, can only be patched to the demands of an Industrial economy, rapidly growing into a Knowledge/Information age, while changing the expectations of a democratic freedom, structure, with access to 24 hour TV, Internet, the computer. Globalization, the rise of expectations, youthful aspirations. The Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, and similar mini-revolutions in progress we are well past the relevance of reform, by exhuming the tombs of recommendations of many Administrative reform Commissions. As many most?, of our existing institutions are working much below par, the exasperation of our people have reached a limit. Any, change will be welcome, the cynic would probably say, it cannot get much worse. With hindsight, and today's far superior tools, esp Information Technology, we can re-engineer/design systems of governance, which will give us a competitive edge even against OECD countries, including the US. We have bright young people, and also an experienced, though demoralized Civil Service,staffed by our brightest lads. They can certainly turn India around. The possible approaches and out-of-box thinking, based around my 45+ years of IT, re-engineering, process management and leadership experience, build upon this.

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