Organizing Civil Society

Civil Society for India
We have to change, and in a hurry, time is running out.Our people have waited for over six decades, placed their trust in our leaders and top administrators, who have let them down. They have seen what prosperity exists in the world, but still live in crushing poverty,unable to taste a small part of India's economic success. See Indiaahead a Civil Society Capability Incubator for a draft of how we propose to help Civil Society.

We are also forming a private internet based network of like minded people at Civil Society Social Network, whee we propose to share, discuss and debate how to take Indiaahead.

Information Technology Globalization is every where. There is intense competition, things move very fast, and the world knowledge doubles every two years. The World is Flat, said the noted New York Times Correspondent, Thomas Friedman. A lot of this has been enabled by Information technology, referred to as IT or ICT. If oil fueled the Industrial Revolution, IT fuels the Information Age, or the Third Wave. With our rich, four decades experience in Management, IT, Re-engineering and facilitating Change we contribute by spread of IT literacy, at all levels in urban and rural areas, govt and businesses. By training IT manpower, creating IT jobs and fostering entrepreneurs, effective computerization with UdoIT, a framework for effective use of IT in organizations.







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