Re-engineering Bharat 21C

2013, how the political scene has transformed,Background?

Next steps:

  1. 2013 the game changers?
  2. Prepare for the coming Parliamentary Elections?
  3. Re-visit Constitution its Directive Principals and work out a time-bound implementation plan or Party manifesto?
  4. Peoples Social Private Network hierarchy and communication sites?
  5. Crowd sourcing of ideas and open Net-based debate?
  6. Referendum style feedback system to guide voting of our elected representatives?
  7. Set goals and targets for the Civil Service and monthly review system?
  8. Do a nation-wide SWOT Analysis ground up?this forms the basis for the Planning Commission.
  9. Every citizen to have Roti Kapada aur Makan within 1000 days?
  10. Process Improvement measured by an Input-output system for ALL Govt departments100 days to IMPLEMENT it.

  1. Comprehensive Master Plan for Re-engineering the government for 21C?

Process Improvement and re-engineer our archaic systems for performance of a modern Global Leader that India MUST become with a time bound game-plan. For all aspects of 21st Century India, like:
Civil Services?
Armed Forces?
Education systems?

All these should be integrated plans, cross functional, across departments and Center/States coordination.

They should be detailed down into Projects and sub-projects, by Multi-functional Teams?, with clearly defined responsibilities and monthly progress reporting to be given to the elected representatives, and our people.

The above is an indicative list of activities to make Bharat into the leading 21C Nation. Obviously these will need to be refined,detailed out by groups with public, Civil Society involvement. These plans would need to be publicly available on Social Networking sites, so people can interact with the Teams. with the Govt or its representatives. NO PLAN IS SANCTIONED WITHOUT A CONSENSUS OF THE NETA, BABU AND THE AAM ADAMI. This is

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